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This website and the pages herein ("Website") are built solely for the purpose of updating viewers at large on the films and television productions we were engaged in the past in and other forthcoming ventures we are in the process of producing. We have at no time in the past nor in the present called upon or invited any viewers to upload & forward or send us through email ids or postal address provided in the Website any material (written or otherwise) including but not limited to concepts, synopsis, scripts, screenplays, other creative materials / documents ("Creative Content").

We strictly abide by our corporate policy and accept the Creative Content if only they are duly registered and narrated via prior personal appointment at our corporate office. Thus you are hereby requested to refrain from sending us the Creative Content in any manner and at any time. Despite this warning, if you continue to send the Creative Content to us, then –

a). A similar treatment like in the past will be meted out with the sent Creative Content (i.e.) will by default be ignored and deleted immediately on receipt from our server.

b). We shall at no time be held liable and / or responsible in any manner whatsoever if your Creative Content is infringed or plagiarized.

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